Thursday, May 22, 2008


Last night when I was dead asleep, I faintly heard a bell through the sounds of my dreams. “RIIING!” There it was again. Wearily, I arose, reality sinking in. The door creaked open, and in walked Joe, my new roommate.

So, I finally have another male to help me keep the 15 girls at bay!

A polite young man, he apologized for waking me up, and told me to go back to sleep. However, my schedule has been so odd lately that three hours of rest is about what I’m used to. I was wide awake in a matter of minutes. Since he had just come from the airport, he was quite hungry and we decided to find some food. We headed downstairs unsure of how we were actually going to be able to locate the food. Quite fortunately, the café in the hotel stays open 24 hours!

I caught him up on all the happenings and asked how he had come to arrive so late. Turns out he forgot to get his visa on time, and unbelievably, one of the flight attendants he chatted up at the Newark airport had connections to the Indian consulate. He was able to walk straight through the line and get his visa in less than an hour. ...ah, the power of connections!

Long story short, we had some delicious salmon and daal, and determined that we had similar tastes in music. Oddly enough, he actually is an ex-local rock star who played for years on Sunset Boulevard. He’s 26 and attends Cal State Northridge. He determined that it was time to get responsible and get an education after which he’d be able to have a real job and make some real money (Not a bad realization to come to). So, he quit smoking, started eating raw vegetables, is in the process of purchasing a car, and getting an internship. Perhaps no longer a rock star, but his life will certainly be better because of it.


Britt said...

Does your roommate know he is character in your bloggings? That would be strange to read about yourself... Anyway, he sounds cool. And don't kid yourself Benito, he is not going to help you "keep the 15 women at bay". They were never after you in the first place.

Jacquelyn said...

Yeah, I agree with Britt and doubt that you needed help in keeping the women at Bay. :) (Yes, I realize that this post is coming well after you've returned to the US . . . .)